Watergate lawyer John Dean nails Trump for having a 'lifetime of escaping the rules' -- but that time is up
John Dean speaks on MSNBC/Screenshot

On Tuesday, Watergate attorney John Dean said that time is no longer on President Donald Trump's side. Multiple Trump lead organizations are being investigated.

"After a lifetime of escaping the rules that really apply to everybody else, they now do apply to him, and he is going to feel the brunt of the law. This is going to be the way his career may be ended," Dean said to CNN's Don Lemon.

He also called White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders "pathetic" for refusing to change her stance on Trump's former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn being ambushed by the FBI.

"Is she making things better for Flynn?" Lemon asked.

"It's like she doesn't pay attention to what is really happening out in the world," Dean said. "She was maybe unaware of what happened in the courtroom, but she's not making things better for not only the White House and the president but for Michael Flynn. Sarah Sanders did not help at all today. "

Watch below via CNN.