Marriott forced black sales exec to dance to Michael Jackson songs to amuse coworkers: lawsuit
Michael Jackson (Shutterstock).

A black man who until recently worked as a sales executive at Marriott Vacations Worldwide has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that he suffered racist abuse because it forced him to dance for the amusement of his coworkers.

NBC Los Angeles reports that the lawsuit claims that former Marriott employee Daryl Robinson was not only "expected to dance for the benefit of other employees" but was also "subjected to a display of the Buckwheat character during the middle of a company meeting."

According to the complaint, Robinson began working at Marriott starting in February 2017, after having spent nearly two decades in sales at other firms.

The suit alleges that things got off poorly at his new job, however, when he was denied a cubicle and was instead assigned to work in a "a cramped storage closet with no air conditioning," NBC Los Angeles reports.

The lawsuit then claims that Robinson was regularly asked to dance to Michael Jackson songs on command during sales meetings -- an experience that the complaint describes as "extremely intimidating and humiliating."

A spokesperson for Marriott told NBC Los Angeles that the company has not yet reviewed the lawsuit and has no comment at this time.

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