Mueller's 'mystery' grand jury witness likely fighting having to testify -- and could face jail time: NYT
Special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump (Wikimedia Commons)

Although reporters were blocked from getting anywhere near a secret grand jury hearing being held in Washington, D.C. at the request of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators, the New York Times has narrowed down what might be transpiring within the court room.

According to a new report, the NYT claims that it appears to be a battle over "whether a witness can be forced to answer investigators’ questions." The report adds, "When witnesses refuse to cooperate, prosecutors often go to court to get a judge to send them to jail in order to pressure them to talk. Prosecutors are supposed to exhaust all other investigative avenues before doing this."

The Times states that it is highly likely tied to President Donald Trump, although it is not a fight over whether Trump himself is the subject of the fight.

"Investigators have interviewed nearly all the White House and Justice Department officials who were directly involved in the episodes under scrutiny in the obstruction inquiry. But Mr. Mueller is still seeking to speak with several witnesses about ties between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Russia," the report continues before suggesting it is questionable whether the public will ever know who it is -- barring jail time or the person in question coming forward.

"The person is most likely not barred from speaking publicly about the case, but because the proceeding has been sealed, the lawyers involved cannot discuss it," The report states. "If the witness ultimately loses and the court orders jail time, then it would most likely become public."

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