New Flynn-related indictments blow up Trump supporters' latest conspiracy theory: reporter
Donald Trump and Mike Flynn (

New indictments relating to former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn have put a big dent in Trump supporters' newest conspiracy theory about the FBI, according to an analysis by Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake.

In particular, Trump supporters such as Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Fox News' Jeannine Pirro had in recent days been throwing around a theory that the FBI had only bagged Flynn on a flimsy "process crime" as a way to force him to cooperate in their investigation of President Donald Trump.

However, after two of Flynn's former business associates were indicted on Monday, the idea that Flynn was an innocent man caught up in rogue prosecutors' cunning web seemed completely unbelievable.

"The indictment is further evidence that the idea Flynn was just some guy going about his business who waltzed into an FBI trap is fanciful," writes Blake. "It implicates his own eponymous business in an illegal lobbying operation."

Additionally, Blake notes the seediness of Flynn writing an op-ed for The Hill late in the 2016 campaign season that spouted the Turkish government's talking points about dissident Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen -- all without disclosing that Flynn himself was being paid by the Turkish government.

"This isn’t just about Flynn having lied about his contacts with Russia’s ambassador; there is a pattern of behavior that suggests he wasn’t just some heroic general who misspoke once or twice and has been railroaded," writes Blake. "At the worst, it suggests someone who was doing quite a bit of double-dealing and saw the need to cover it up by lying repeatedly."

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