New Mueller filings 'suggest an active criminal investigation increasingly focused on the president': CNN's Toobin
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin on Thursday said that President Donald Trump and his team should be spooked by the massive amount of redacted material in the sentencing memo for national security adviser Michael Flynn.

In particular, Toobin zeroed in on Flynn's assistance with an undisclosed criminal investigation that was described in several paragraphs that were completely blacked out from the public version of the filing.

"I was surprised, at least, that so much of the Flynn document was blacked out because it apparently relates to continuing investigations," Toobin said. "Some of the Manafort document may be blacked out. That tells me, at least, that this investigation is not over. We have been talking about it as if it's wrapping up, as if it's about to be done. If it was about to be done, there would be no reason to black out information about a continuing investigation."

As for what this means for Trump, Toobin said that Mueller's team has been increasingly mentioning the president by name in its filings -- which he said was not a good sign for the White House.

"All of this suggests an active criminal investigation that is increasingly focused on the president," Toobin said.

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