Newly elected Florida Republican already caught in a scandal over illegal donations
Ross Spano.

It didn't take long for campaign improprieties to catch up to Florida Republican Ross Spano.

A month after his election, he's been forced to acknowledge breaking multiple campaign finance laws, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

He admitted that his pre-election activities "may have been in violation" of federal law.

He confessed to "borrowing" $180,000 from two people who were personal friends from June through October this year. He also lent his campaign $167,000. He claimed the money came from personal funds. But according to the FEC, any money upwards of $2,700—for the primary and general—counts as a campaign contribution and needs to be reported as such.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Spano claimed: "he was acting in full compliance with the law" as did the two lenders, "based on the consultations they had at the time," stated a letter to the Commission.

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