PETA employee claims he was fired for pouring fake blood on Trump's Hollywood star
Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star

PETA's former senior campaign specialist, Matt Bruce, claimed he was fired after pouring fake blook on President Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star in a video posted online.

In an interview with TMZ, Bruce claimes that his firing was "surprising," considering he has done similar stunts in protest before.

At the time, Bruce was protesting with PETA against clothing store Forever 21 using wool. After the protest, Bruce explained that he wanted to make his own political statement against Trump.

After the protest, he walked over to Trump's star and pourd fake blood on it. Shortly after, Bruce said that he was taken by surprise when an HR representative from PETA told him he was fired.

He said that PETA was afraid of the Trump administration coming after them.

"These are scary times to stand up for your convictions. I think PETA does not want the attention of the Trump administration. They are scares, but I will never be silenced," Bruce said.

"I hope anything is regarding Trump is removed. I hope he gets booted from office, and nobody remembers who he was," he said.