Racist man on bus has meltdown for the ages after telling immigrants to go back to their countries
An angry man attacks a bus in London (Screen cap).

A British man was recently filmed going off on a racist rant against his fellow bus passengers -- and then throwing an epic temper tantrum after he left the bus.

In a video posted on YouTube on December 15th, the man can be seen on the second story of a double-decker bus yelling at a Polish immigrant that he should go back to his country.

The man then tries to storm off the bus and he starts angrily banging at the bus driver's guard window while yelling obscenities at him the whole time.

After failing to attack the bus driver, the man then stands out right in front of the bus and begins trying to destroy it by attempting to pull off its windshield wipers. When this fails, he brings out a seltzer bottle and sprays it all over the exterior of the bus.

At some point, a passenger on the bus can be heard saying, "Open this door, guys and help me sort this c*nt out."

Shortly afterward, three male passengers can be seen exiting the bus to try to subdue the angry man, who flees them and walks away while continuing to yell profanity.

Watch the video below.