'He ought to read this book Art of the Deal': Pulitzer-winning reporter hilariously mocks Trump's dealmaking skills in shutdown
Washington Post reporter Eugene Robinson on MSNBC/Screenshot

There is no end in sight for the government shutdown that's now a week old, as President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats aren't even negotiating an end to the impasse.

On Friday, Pulitzer-winning Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson appeared on MSNBC with host Ari Melber to discuss how the situation will evolve after Nancy Pelosi takes over as the Speaker of the House on January 3.

"Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker, will come in with her own agenda and her own priorities and her own sense of what's important, and it won't be the same as Donald Trump's," Robinson said. "Why would she at this point take anything [incoming Chief of Staff] Mick Mulvaney says as holy writ or, indeed, any deal that gets negotiated as holy writ, given Donald Trump's record of simply going back on deals that everybody else thinks are made deals?"

"That is the huge stumbling point to anything. There's no incentive for Democrats to move knowing that Trump is going to pull the rug out from under the whole thing at the last minute as soon as Ann Coulter has indigestion," he said.

"I'm confused, Gene, because when you put it that way it makes it sound like he's not a good negotiator," said Melber.

"I think he ought to read this book, Art of the Deal, that my college classmate, Tony Schwartz, wrote and some guy named Trump got his name on it, too," he said.

Watch below.