Republican lashes out at Trump’s DOJ after Fox News host ridicules GOP’s failed attempts to nail James Comey
Darrell Issa/Fox News screen shot

Outgoing California Republican Darrell Issa unloaded on President Trump's management of the Deprtment of Justice after being publicly ridiculed by Harris Faulkner, host of Fox News' Outnumbered for his party's quixotic pursuit of former FBI director James Comey.

"Even some of your own colleagues in the House have criticized how this has been handled," Faulkner asked Issa. "Is James Comey better at this than Republicans are? You’ve had several bites at the apple."

"He has a huge advantage for it: the clock," Issa responded bitterly, saying the DOJ simply didn't have time to provide the information demanded by the Republicans. "This department of justice, under no real management, continues to withhold information and even cause him to withhold information on those occasions which he knew something." Prompted by Faulkner to expand on his thoughts, Issa unloaded on the president and his appointees.

"It’s very clear that between the time President Trump came into office and now, these U.S. Attorneys and the FBI have continued to do whatever they want," he complained. "It’s not just a special prosecutor. Jeff Sessions was a good senator, but he clearly did not take control of the Department of Justice."

"This is a Department of Justice that institutionally continues to not want to cooperate with Congress," Issa went on. "This is where the new attorney general has to come in and at least restore some level of cooperation in Congress’ legitimate oversight."

Watch the video below.