Republicans are scared 'and they should be': CNN's Ana Navarro by warns GOP will pay a price for complicity with Trump
Republicans Ana Navarro and Charlie Dent speak with CNN (Photo: Screen capture)

Members of the Republican Party are starting to fear what President Donald Trump might do to the party as his disregard for lawless behavior is catching up to him.

CNN Republican commentator Ana Navarro explained that if the GOP doesn't act, they could go down with the ship.

"It's damaging to the GOP. They paid a high price already; over 40 seats have been lost," Navarro continued. "Maybe over 40 after the North Carolina situation is resolved, governor seats and legislatures. They paid a high political price for silence and complicity with Donald Trump."

She went on to say that the GOP is scared and she thinks "they should be scared."

"Donald Trump is a guy who has no qualms about coming after other Republicans," she continued. "He prefers to lose the seat to a Democrat. For example, Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) here in Miami than to have a Republican who dares speak up against him or confront him."

She also noted that there is a whole group of Republicans who hide and refuse to even speak about Trump until they're absolutely forced to, at least until special counsel Robert Mueller's full report is given to the Justice Department.

"I think they are procrastinating and avoiding and in happy silence as long as they can possibly be," she said.

Former Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) agreed, noting Republicans lost by 12 points in the midterm election.

"I have always been surprised that so many are willing to stand next to the president knowing his approval is so dismal and so many more shoes are about to drop," Dent said, explaining that it seems in the short-term they still stick with Trump.

In the long-term, however, it might not be the best strategy.

"Many Republicans are in safe seats and barely won their elections," he recalled. "Many others are not in such safe seats lost elections."

Meanwhile, the president seems to be in meltdown mode.

Watch their full take below: