Republicans tell Fox reporter that they want government shutdown to 'hamstring Democrats as they seize control'
Paul Ryan, Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell

Republican sources are telling Fox News' Chad Pergram that they hope to leave House Democrats with one last gift before they take control of the House of Representatives next month: A government shutdown.

Writing on Twitter, Pergram reports that "quite a few House Republicans have no intention of coming back for further votes" this year, which he says "could be a problem to pass a bill about the border wall."

Pergram then reports that "some Republicans would like a shutdown to hamstring Democrats as they seize control of the House next year."

Additionally, Pergram explains that the House GOP could have trouble passing any bill to fund the government if it doesn't contain sufficient funds for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

"If the House GOP brass accepts a compromise short of full wall funding, expect the Freedom Caucus to be upset," he explains. "Conservatives [w]ould try to drive a wedge among Republicans and argue some aren’t fighting hard enough for the President’s priorities," he writes. "Pelosi won't accept any bill [with wall money]."