REVEALED: Here are the desperate emails sent by victims of Trump acting AG's scam patent company
Matt Whitaker on CNN (screengrab)

Before he went to work at the Department of Justice, Trump acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker worked for a company called World Patent Marketing, a shady firm that was shut down by a federal court after its former customers accused it of being a scam.

Now Reason Magazine has obtained emails of consumer complaints written by desperate people who alleged they were scammed out of their savings by the firm, which promised prospective entrepreneurs that it would file their patent applications for them and help them promote their inventions -- but would regularly fail to live up to its obligations.

"My husband and I sent this company a lot of money," wrote one woman from Illinois who sent the firm $14,000. "We do not have a lot of money. My husband has been very very stressed about this situation since January 15, 2015. We understand it is now in receivership and we are unsure what that means. Can you help us? My husband is a disabled Vietnam veteran."

"My husband, who is a retired veteran allowed me to use our savings for a product we still believe will benefit this country, including globally," a woman in Washington state wrote in another consumer complaint. "My fear of course, they have taken my money and never intended to file the patent. I have made numerous phone calls and they don't respond."

"I've given them $25,000 of a $35,000 aside from the initial fee of $1995 and haven't sent the balance because I asked for my money back about a dozen times for lack of services and all I get are empty promises," a Florida man wrote in a separate complaint. "I look forward to hearing from you regarding this unAmerican act against a 75 year old veteran."

Read all of the complaints obtained by Reason Magazine at this link.