'Risk averse' big donors may shy away from RNC if Trump's problems keep getting worse: ex-Mitt Romney spokesperson
Kevin Madden -- CNN screenshot

Appearing with CNN host S.E. Cupp on Saturday, the former spokesperson for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign said the Republican National Committee may face resistance from large donors if President Donald Trump's legal problems continue to grow.

Asked about the possible impact on political donations with Trump possibly facing impeachment, Kevin Madden said the good news was that the RNC was doing a good job of pulling in small donations from Trump's avid followers.

"Should the RNC be worried that this would affect 2020 fundraising, for example? "host Cupp asked.

"It's no doubt it's going to have an impact but I think one of the things that the RNC has done with the support of Trump is really build and mine a much broader, deeper small donor base," Madden replied.

"So from Trump supporters out across the country, that are sending their $10 or $25 a month to support the RNC and the president, I think they're likely to support this president to the very end," he added.

"Bigger donors though, they are much more risk averse," Madden stated before quizzically adding. "As a lot of these problems continue to mount and the investigations continue to take center stage, they're very likely to open up big wallet donations."

Watch the video below via CNN: