‘More Russia lies’: Shep Smith explodes on the startling string of falsehoods pushed by Flynn and Trump’s associates
Shepard Smith (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News' Shep Smith delivered a furious response to the long string of falsehoods pushed by President Trump and Mike Flynn, the convicted criminal who once served as the president's national security advisor.

Smith was growing visibly frustrated as chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge described Flynn's lawyers pointing at Hillary Clinton to complain that their client wasn't warned that lying to the FBI is illegal, and began reading the list of crimes from special counsel Robert Mueller's response, highlighting Flynn's involvement with Russia.

"So the U.S. places sanctions on Russia, Michael Flynn calls Russia. Michael Flynn lies about calling Russia and tells others to lie for him about calling Russia," Smith said. "That is more Russia lies."

"From the very beginning, 17 different people, 80 to 90 different lies, all on different occasions, all about Russia, all without reason, all without context," he added, turning his attention to the Trump Tower story. "One revelation after another revelation, and suddenly there were seven people in the room, and then suddenly eight people in the room. Suddenly there was a Russian translator in the room, and they had no knowledge of it."

Smith ridiculed the administration's amnesia concerning these incidents.

"They called it a nothing burger, not a thing. Didn't even remember it, didn't happen. And all of that was lies," he continued. "General Flynn called the Russians, lied about calling the Russians, continued to lie about calling the Russians and told a subordinate to lie about the call he made. There's that."

Watch the video below.