Shep Smith openly mocks Fox News viewers who are upset he called Flynn a liar
Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Fox News anchor Shep Smith openly fired back at the network's viewers on Friday afternoon because they were upset he called President Donald Trump's former National Security adviser Michael Flynn a "liar" on-air.

With special counsel Robert Mueller firing back at the Flynn for lying to investigators, Smith reported the news only to infuriate Fox viewers.

"I've been reading from some of you, Flynn didn't lie," Smith said, looking into the camera. "Stop it, stop it. Find something defensible. That's not it."

"The president said he lied. The vice president said he lied. Robert Mueller said he lied. The incoming press secretary said he lied. The FBI said he lied -- he lied. Now we'll see what happens," he lectured.

You can watch the video below via Fox News: