‘You and your spawn are going to jail’: Trump mocked for trying to tweet his way out of Cohen’s felony allegations
President Donald Trump's hair blows in the wind as he boards Air Force One before flying to Vietnam to attend the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit at Beijing airport on November 10, 2017. (AFP / Jim Watson)

President Donald Trump issued a carefully worded denial after his attorney Michael Cohen implicated him in a criminal conspiracy -- and social media users buried him in derision.

The president insisted he had never directed Cohen to "break the law" by paying hush money to two women just ahead of the election, which he had flatly denied knowing about earlier this year, and claimed his attorney had not actually broken the campaign finance laws he admitted to violating.

Multiple legal experts and other Twitter users pounced all over his three-tweet response to Cohen being sentenced to 36 months in prison.