'Stop abusing reality!': CNN's Chris Cuomo flattens Kellyanne Conway in crazy exchange about her lies
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway

In a more than 30-minute-long exchange that centered on Kellyanne Conway's lying on Donald Trump's behalf, CNN host Chris Cuomo identified exactly how the president's advisor manipulates fact into fiction.

Conway began the exchange by claiming Trump is responsible for "the single most comprehensive law on the drug crisis" -- and although Cuomo twice repeated that the new law "is a good thing," she insisted the host did not care.

"The bill that Donald Trump signed into law, it's not relevant to you," Conway said.

"I just said it's a good thing," Cuomo countered, adding that he had her on the show to discuss it.

Her insistence that the host didn't care about the opioid crisis and Trump's solution then led Cuomo to implore Conway to "stop being so abusive of reality."

"I had you on the show to discuss it!" he said. "The facts betray your own reality."

See the first part of the interview here.

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