'If I have to call you a liar I will': CNN's Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway get into knock-down drag-out over Trump's Cohen spin
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Trump surrogate Kellyanne Conway verbally sparred in a fiery interview Thursday night following multiple revelations from the sentencing of the president's former attorney Michael Cohen.

The majority of the pair's fight centered on whether or not President Donald Trump directed Cohen to commit crimes -- a point Conway insisted was fake news in spite of multiple recordings made by the former "fixer" that suggest otherwise.

At one point, Cuomo noted that he "has a tape" of Trump directed Cohen to cut "hush money" checks to women he allegedly had affairs with and left the Trump counselor speechless.

In another testy exchange, Conway insisted CNN only has her on to use as a punching bag -- and when the host pushed back, the Trump adviser backed him into a corner.

"They don't want you to have me on for a simple reason, they accept if not expect you and the rest of CNN to be anti-Trump all day long," Conway said. "You know it. You don't have the same viewership that CNN once had, people want it right down the middle."

"You spin a lot, and you ignore what is obvious fact," Cuomo responded.

"Are you going to call me a liar?" she challenged.

"If I have to," Cuomo said, "I will."

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