As chaos continues to roil the Trump administration, the president's defenders are having a harder and harder time justifying his actions.

On Fox News Sunday, the President's lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to spin the president's apparent payout to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal.

"Chris, there’s an intervening event that you’re not talking about. I know this really well because I got criticized for revealing this when I first came into the case. Nobody really understood why I was doing it. . . ." Giuliani started out.

"When I first came into the case, we went through the whole case. The president saw some notes and documents, thought about it, and I went out and said, no, there was an intervening conversation after the payments took place and before the revelations you're talking about on Air Force One," Giuliani continued.

"The president did talk to Cohen or to people in between and they arranged to reimburse Cohen. This was after the payment was made, after it was over, after the campaign was over. . . ."

Writing in The Washington Post Monday, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin observed that Americans are sick of witnessing the White House train wreck.

"Well, the truth is clearly not part of Giuliani’s job description. Who in the world would take seriously Giuliani’s self-contradictions, blatant misstatements of law and fact, and smears of prosecutors? Not that many people, it turns out," Rubin writes.

"It may be of some solace to those exasperated with the lies and mumbo-jumbo defenses of the president to learn that the vast majority of Americans don’t buy what Trump and his flacks are saying. Indeed, hardly anyone outside the cult of Trump is being persuaded by much of anything he says these days," she adds.

She noted that the latest polling data shows that 62 percent of Americans disagree with the statement that Trump has been "honest and truthful" about Russian interference in the US election.

Once you step away from the right-wing echo chamber—which is increasingly limited to Fox News and Rudy Giuliani—most Americans are not buying the President's claims.

"Giuliani and Sean Hannity and the right-wing echo chamber and Republican sycophants can tell themselves and their cult-followers whatever fairy tale they’d like about the president and his involvement in wrongdoing," Rubin says.

"They aren’t convincing much of anyone — and if anything they are convincing the rest of the United States that Trumpists are operating in some parallel universe. Here on Earth, Trump looks more and more like a frantic liar who’ll say anything to stay out of jail and in office."