President Donald Trump's biographer Michael D'Antonio warned that the president's children might end up being prosecuted without their father's presidency to save them.

In a discussion with CNN's Don Lemon and New Yorker reporter Olivia Nuzzi, D'Antonio warned that the moment might come in the "not too distant future."

"I think that they could find themselves not too far into the future being prosecuted or perhaps convicted of something and their father may not be president any longer," he explained. "So, then who would pardon them? There's also the matter of state claims, the Trump Foundation is especially vulnerable there. Eric Trump was very involved in all those charitable activities, and the state charges would have nothing to do with a presidential pardon."

He explained that the entire organization at this point is in the crosshairs of the New York Attorney General's office.

"So, I think that these people should look to themselves," he continued. "Rudy Giuliani could say that there's a line that a prosecutor could cross going after his children or Ivanka specifically, but I don't think that's the way the law works. And there I think Giuliani must be forgetting the role that he played as a prosecutor in New York so many years ago."

D'Antonia was referencing an appearance Giuliani did on Fox News where he said that the prosecutors could come after Trump's children but that the country wouldn't accept his daughter Ivanka being prosecuted. He was asked about Jared Kushner and the former prosecutor said that Kushner is a "fine man" but that daughters are somehow different to the public.

Nuzzi noted that it was curious Giuliani didn't attempt to defend the Trump children, rather he claimed that Ivanka should be exempt from prosecution because it's bad for PR.

Watch the full discussion below: