Trump defender smacked down hard by CNN host after calling media 'holier than thou' for pointing out Trump's lies
Joseph Borelli, Victor Blackwell -- CNN screenshot

CNN host Victor Blackwell was forced to cut off a defender of Donald Trump who attempted to dismiss the deluge of lies that have been made by the president, by accusing the media of being "holier than thou' for calling him out.

After Blackwell, used 14 jars massively filled with one gumball for every Trump lie in the two years he has been president to illustrate the sheer volume of presidential mendacity, he invited Republican guest Joseph Borelli -- who co-chaired Trump’s campaign during the 2016 New York Republican primary -- to defend the president.

"I understand you support the president's policies, you support his judicial appointments, his performance with the economy thus far," Blackwell began. "But are you not alarmed by the sheer number of provable false claims the president makes?"

"No, I'm not alarmed," Borelli shot back. "This was a guy speaking in hyperbole throughout the campaign. I love your gumball idea, I think it's creative, but I don't recall a similar gumball game when President Obama was president. I think the media that has reported on him cannot be held to a holier than thou standard."

"Holier than thou!" Blackwell interrupted. "Let me pause you here. This week, specifically with this example, with this week's standing in front of men and women putting their lives on the line to protect all Americans ---."

"Sure, okay..." Borelli attempted only to have Blackwell cut him off again.

"Let me finish, that was a comma," the CNN host told him. "He also stood there and said this was the first they'd gotten a raise, which was not true. He was not telling the truth about how much the raise was, we're now at 7,500 of these. Part of the reason you didn't see this kind of display and tally is because there weren't so many a day."

Borelli later was taken to task by former Bush ethics official Richard Painter who read him the riot act for defending Trump's lies as the Trump defender tried to talk over him..

You can watch the video below via CNN: