Trump is trying to squirm out of impeachment by ‘poisoning the jury pool of the American people’: CNN analyst
Molly Bally/CNN screen shot

CNN political analyst Molly Ball said Thursday that President Donald Trump is growing more worried about impeachment, and is trying to "poison the jury pool" by any means possible before House and Senate leaders try to get rid of him.

"Have we done from 'he didn't do it' to 'it's probably not illegal' to 'if you come after us, we'll come after you?'" asked Poppy Harlow noting an implicit threat from Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani in an interview with the New York Times.

"And everybody does it, right? This is in a way typical Rudy bluster," Ball laughed, saying Giuliani was trying "to move the goal post on what exactly constitutes acceptability."

Ball said that the president has been "very straightforward about what he's doing".

"He is trying to poison the jury pool of the American people," she said, adding that the effort had been effective to some extent. "He's trying to make the Mueller investigation so unpopular with the public as a whole that they agree with the president, that it is a partisan witch hunt and therefore that anything that elected leaders in the House and Senate would do to pursue something like impeachment would be seen as illegitimate."

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