Trump just 'gave the finger' to his Jewish backers -- and now even right-wing Jews may abandon him: columnist
President Donald Trump (AFP Photo/MANDEL NGAN)

The editor in chief of Jewish News Syndicate blasted Donald Trump in a column published Tuesday, warning that conservative Jewish supporters could soon begin to abandon the U.S. president.

In an article titled "Trump Just Gave the Finger to His Jewish Voters" published at Haaretz, Jonathan S. Tobin said Jewish support for Trump "could drop precipitously" over his abrupt decision to withdraw troops from Syria. He described the move as a "betrayal on a key issue" that could help Israel's enemy Iran.

"Since the farther right you go on both the political and religious spectrum, the more likely U.S. Jews are to identify Israel as the most important issue for them, Trump’s ability to please the pro-Israel community explains why so many of them believe his policies vindicates their votes for him," Tobin wrote.

But Trump's decision to reject advice from key members of his administration and withdraw from Syria could change things.

"If a worsening of Israel’s already worrisome security dilemma in the north is seen as stemming from Trump’s retreat, Jewish support for Trump, even among Republicans and Orthodox Jews, will begin to erode," Tobin explained.