Trump's 'crazy narcissistic moods' are national security issue without Mattis: Retired general
General Mark Hertling appears on CNN/Screenshot

On Thursday, General Mark Herling (Ret.) delivered a warning following the surprise announcement that President Donald Trump's Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, would resign in protest of the president's policies.

"The president made his decision, based on our reporting, over the recommendation of all his senior advisers, not just Mattis," said anchor Jim Sciutto. "Who fills that position, who is a voice with creditability who can disagree with the president and convince him otherwise, or is that lacking now?"

"This president doesn't want disagreement. He doesn't want to be challenged. He doesn't want to see things outside of his bubble," said Hertling. "Secretary Mattis finally came to the point where he tried his best and just said, 'I can't do it anymore.'"

Hertling said this is not just another staff shakeup, but rather a symptom of something more serious.

"This is a different kind of resignation from all of the other cabinet resignations that have taken place because Secretary Mattis grew up in a military culture... When a guy like Mattis says 'I'm gone,' there's something dysfunctional... the wheels have been off for a long time. We've seen sparks flying off the axle for a long time. This has got to change. The security of our nation is more important than these crazy narcissistic moods of the president of the United States."

Watch below.