Trump’s pick for attorney general auditioned to replace Jeff Sessions by attacking Mueller: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin
Jeffrey Toobin on CNN- screenshot

Discussing a legal memorandum attacking special counsel Robert Mueller, written by President Donald Trump's new pick to be attorney general, a CNN panel said the attorney who wrote it was obviously trying to get Trump's attention for a job.

The Washington Post reported that William P. Barr, Trump's pick to replace the departed Jeff Sessions wrote a memo in June that criticized "special counsel Robert S. Mueller III for a 'fatally misconceived' legal theory of how President Trump may have obstructed justice."

Asked about the memo, that likely came to Trump's attention, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin laughed at how it looked as if Barr was just looking for a job.

"Think about this," Toobin began. "William Barr, private citizen, out-of-the-blue in June sends a 20-page memo to the Justice Department saying what Mueller is doing is a violation of the Constitution."

"I think we have a much better idea now of why he is picked for attorney general," the legal analyst continued.

"Was it because he was an establishment stabilizing force?" host John Avlon asked.

"Quite the opposite that he was an establishment stabilizing force," Toobin replied. "He [Trump] knew that he was getting a passionate opponent of Mueller."

As Toobin noted that Barr's memo was a "hostile take on the Mueller investigation," host Avlon jumped in to say, "It's almost Kavanaughesque," in reference to comments made by recent Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who many believe was appointed by Trump because the jurist will support the president if his battle with Mueller makes its way to the highest court in the land.

Asked if it might keep Barr from being confirmed as Attorney General, Toobin said it was doubtful

"This is the advantage of having a Republican Senate," he explained. "It's a slightly expanded Republican majority and I don't see this as something that will get Republican votes against him but it's just a good sign of the conflict that may come if Mueller's investigation continues."

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