'You're a monster': Conservative columnist ignites fury by mocking dying Yemeni boy whose mother fought for visa
Kurt Schlichter promotes his book on C-SPAN/Screenshot

On Saturday, conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter ignited fury by mocking the now deceased 2-year-old Yemeni boy whose mother had fought to get a visa to see him despite President Donald Trump's travel ban targeting Muslim countries.

Kurt Schlichter writes a twice-weekly column for the conservative site Town Hall and has been featured on C-SPAN.

In response to the news that the boy had passed a few days after the boy's mother prevailed in her 17-month fight to win a visa to spend his last few hours by his side, Schlichter wrote "I don't care."

That prompted a number of hurt and angry responses, while Schlichter remained defiant, demeaning the boy's plight as a "ginned-up media agenda item."

The responses got nasty, with Twitter users commenting on the intensity of Schlichter's military service and his mother's health.