'Bickering and backstabbing' among Trump insiders have been 'a prosecutor’s dream' for Mueller investigation: report
Donald Trump, Paul Manafort Trump campaign manager and Ivanka Trump during the sound checks on stage in the Quicken Arena for the Republican National Convention. (mark reinstein / Shutterstock.com)

As special prosecutor Robert Mueller's indictments and convictions pile up, people inside the orbit of President Donald Trump are turning on each other in ways that constitute "a prosecutor’s dream," according to a new report in Politico.

The report talks about the "circular firing squad" of former Trump allies and aides that has opened fire on each other in an effort to dodge prosecution.

"Typically in cases dealing with a large number of people from the same side of an organization, co-defendants will demonstrate some collegiality with each other," the report says.

But defense attorney Annemarie McAvoy, who represented Rick Gates, an associate of former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort said, "there’s a different dynamic at play when none of the people who have been caught in the Mueller probe are on the same team anymore."

That was echoed by former Trump aide Sam Nunberg.

“Nobody is really on the same team anymore when you’ve worked with Donald Trump,” said Nunberg, who has been questioned by Mueller multiple times.

Former Mueller aide Michael Zeldin compared the Trumpworld battles to a mafia family that's breaking apart.

“Even Whitey Bulger gets beaten to death for having squealed. That always made it hard for prosecutors because it was very hard to break someone out of the organization,” Zeldin said. “Here, everyone is saying, ‘I can cooperate.’ Whether they are fully truthful, they all seem to be available.”

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