'Everything except a moat with alligators': CNN's Don Lemon laughs at Trump's description of the border wall
CNN host Don Lemon (Photo: Screenshot)

On Friday, CNN's Don Lemon laughed at President Donald Trump's forever changing definitions of his border wall.

During a press conference, Trump denied that he wanted a concrete border wall. Trump has said that his wall would be steel slates or fences.

"He is willing to shut down the federal government for the wall he has been talking about for years. Mexico is going to pay for it, right? [He called it] concrete, steel slats, see-through," Lemon said.

After playing the video of Trump's outrageous definition of his border wall, Lemon broke out into laughter.

"There was everything in there except for a moat with alligators lapping at immigrants' rear-ends. Oh, my gosh. come on, Y'all. can we be real?" he said.

Watch below via CNN.