CNN host mocks Sean Hannity for being nothing more than 'a paid political ad' for Trump
Donald Trump and Sean Hannity (Fox News/screen grab)

CNN's John King mocked Sean Hannity on Thursday, personifying the right wing television and radio host as little more than a paid political ad for President Donald Trump and his priorities.

"Remember it was a base revolt that produced this shutdown. The president flipped and decided he would not sign a spending plan that had no new border wall money," King reminded viewers. "Later on tonight he'll sit down with Sean Hannity, who's looking to give the president an even bigger boost than usual by broadcasting his show from the border."

King then replayed a clip of Hannity's Wednesday night broadcast, in which he urged his viewers to call Congress and tell them to "hold the line."

"That's what happens in paid political ads, and there, which is about the same thing," he said. "The serious point is that the president has reacted to his base. That is why we are here."

"Does he get the joke? Joke is the wrong word for it," King continued derisively. "Hannity doing that in the end, it looks like an advocacy ad: 'call Congress, demand they don't buckle.'" He added that Hannity's motives were clear.

"The reason he's doing that is because they know 21 days ago the president was about to sign something that didn't include the border wall funding," he jeered. "He flipped when Hannity and Coulter and others went nuts on him."

Watch the video below.