CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo joke about this psychological effect causing Trump to lie
Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, CNN's host Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo joked about an effect causing President Donald Trump to lie so much. "You know some people are just not capable of telling the truth," Lemon said.

"Yeah, but usually they're in very snug-fitting clothes and getting medication around the clock," Cuomo joked.

Lemon explained that Trump has a long history of lying.

"Before he was a politician, when he was just spouting off on Twitter, he had trouble with the truth. Remember the whole, hey, 'the president wasn't born in this country, shouldn't be a president,' he had trouble with the truth. I mean, this isn't new," Lemon said.

He added, "Maybe he doesn't know he's lying about the lies that he lied about."

Lemon then explained that Trump suffers from the "The Dunning Kruger effect."

"The Dunning Kruger Effect is a field of psychology," Lemon said. "[It] shows why some people think they're great even when their work is terrible."

"Some people think that they're smarter than they are and they have no idea, none, even if you show them the evidence, they won't believe you," Lemon said.

Watch below via CNN.