Could this Instagram story indicate Corey Booker is going to announce he's running in 2020?
Senator Cory Booker (Screenshot)

An Instagram story posted by New Jersey Democrat may indicate that the Senator might be planning a presidential run in 2020.

Booker was seen at a ceremony to swear in new legislators with fellow New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez, who wished Booker "the beginning of a fantastic two years for you," strongly emphasizing "two."

Booker, who is up for re-election in 2020, has also been widely rumored to be considering a run for the Oval Office. Many anticipate the 2020 Democratic nominee to be a woman and/or a person of color.

Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren has already thrown her hat into the ring, and others believe California's Kamala Harris may also be considering her options.

If he chose to run, Booker would join what is expected to a crowded field of candidates ready to take on President Donald Trump.

Watch the video below.