Dan Savage rips into 'lunatic' Trump on HBO's Real Time: 'He commits 12 impeachable offenses a day'
Dan Savage on HBO -- screenshot

During the "Overtime" segment of HBO's Real Time, columnist Dan Savage went off President Donald Trump, calling him a lunatic and wondering why he is still in office.

Discussing the a report that Trump makes his aides print out internet stories about him and that he sometimes eats the paper, Savage went off on a rant about why Congress hasn't forced him out of office after two years.

"He eats paper that he doesn't want to be saved under the Presidential Record Act," the popular commentator told the panel to laughter. "He's a lunatic."

"The lesson of Trump, I think for the future is, if you don't want to get impeached, you commit 12 impeachable offenses a day and you're safe," he said sarcastically. "Any one thing that this president has done, if another president had done, he'd be out. All this terrific reporting, everything we have learned, somebody else would be impeached by now."

"Do 30 impeachable things a day, and you're safe, " he concluded.

Watch below via HBO: