'Did they think this through?': CNN's Jake Tapper unloads on Trump over 'petty' scheme against Pelosi
CNN host Jake Tapper responds to Trump's press conference following the November 2018 election/Screenshot

On Thursday, CNN's Jake Tapper was undone at President Donald Trump's latest "petty" political move.

Trump canceled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's overseas Congressional trip in response to her suggesting that he should not speak at the State of the Union.

Tapper said that he couldn't believe Trump would play a game like this with such a "serious" matter.

"I have to say I've been to Afghanistan twice, once with President Obama on Air Force One. Once I did actually fly commercially. I can't believe they're messing around with this. That is a serious flight and serious business. And I'm not the Speaker of the House. Did they think this through when they came up with this scheme?" Tapper said.

"Nobody who has ever traveled with a Congressional delegation would think this is funny, appropriate, or cool," Tapper said.

Watch below via CNN.