Don Lemon shows Trump’s schedule -- and calls him out for not really working: ‘What is he even doing?’
CNN's Don Lemon (Screengrab)

On Wednesday, CNN host Don Lemon criticized President Donald Trump's light work-schedule.

After Trump tweeted insults about his top Intel chiefs, Lemon wondered why he has so much extra time on his hands.

"While this president is mad at just about everybody, what is he doing?" Lemon said. "What is he doing? Think about it. Looks like he's having a whole lot of executive time behind closed doors in the White House. Today, was the fifth day in a row without a public appearance by the president."

He then showed a picture of Trump's official White House schedule.

"His schedule so far this week, pretty light. Take a look at it. The official schedule released by the White House shows the president has had two meetings this week. Two. Two," he repeated.

"One was a lunch meeting with Vice President Mike Pence on Monday. The other was that intelligence briefing this morning. In a late addition to his schedule on Monday night, the president attended a fundraiser at his own Trump international hotel, also with the vice president. That event closed to the press," Lemon said.

"We also learned that the president spoke today with the interim president of Venezuela. But there are still hours and hours and hours of time unaccounted for," he said.

It prompted Lemon to wonder what the leader of the free world is doing with all of his extra time.

"With so little on his schedule? No official way for anyone to know how this president spends his days," he continued.

He then said that the only way people can track Trump's schedule is through his Twitter feed.

"Unofficially, though, there is Twitter. We know this president tweets from early morning until late at night. But I want you to remember, remember during the 2016 campaign, then-candidate Trump said he was going to work really, really hard," he said.

Watch below via CNN.