Ex-prosecutor takes shot at Jim Jordan over Ohio State sex assault claims before he can question Cohen in House hearing
Rep. Jim Jordan (R) during Planned Parenthood hearings - (YouTube screenshot)

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon with host Alex Witt, a former federal prosecutor predicted that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) will disrupt Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's testimony before a House committee and turn the hearing into a circus in order to protect President Donald Trump.

Along the way, she took a shot at the Republican lawmaker over allegations that he looked the other way when he was a coach at Ohio State as student-athletes were reportedly sexually assaulted.

According to ex-prosecutor Cynthia Alksne, Trump is a liar and the Jordan will run interference for him during the hearings which could be devastating for the embattled president.

Asked about the prospect, of GOP haranguing Cohen in order to discredit him as not credible, Alksne said she would rather he not testify.

"From a prosecutor's point of view, you don't really want your witness in a House committee where Jim 'looked the other way' Jordan is doing a cross exam," she stated. "They're going to be ugly yelling and screaming and it's a weird set up."

"What has happened is people like Jim Jordan are framing this case, that really Mueller should be framing" she continued. "Even if Mueller doesn't allow him to testify about certain things, it will dissolve into a circus. And prosecutors, we're control freaks -- we want to control the witness."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: