Ex-Trump aides freaking out as his Twitter meltdowns accelerate with Kelly out of the picture: 'It has devolved into anarchy'
President Donald Trump (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

Speaking on background to Axios, former officials who served in Donald Trump's administration claim the president has ramped up his attacks on the media -- and all of his other perceived enemies -- because former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is no longer there to restrain his worst impulses.

According to the report, "With the departure of White House chief of staff John Kelly, the misinformation emanating from President Trump has only escalated," leading to what one ex-staffer called a "wild, wild west" atmosphere.

One insider said that Kelly did an effective job keeping bad information from getting to Trump -- which he would then pass along in tweets -- but that acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney takes a more hands-off approach with the president.

One source described the White House situation as having "devolved into anarchy."

"Someone mentioned to me a few days ago it's like the old [pre-Kelly] days of the administration, just with fewer people," the former White House official added.

It was also noted that the departure of other close Trump aides and confidantes has led to the "wild, wild west" feel about the Oval Office

"At least during the early days, he had a bit of a buffer with Hope [Hicks] and [longtime bodyguard] Keith [Schiller] there," the source lamented.

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