Former FBI agent explains why Trump should be terrified of his secret Putin meeting notes going public
United States of America President Donald Trump shaking hands with Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin. (Kremlin photo.)

Former FBI special agent and CNN law enforcement analyst Josh Campbell told CNN Monday that the interpreter's notes from President Donald Trump's private Helsinki meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin are "political dynamite", saying they will reveal the sheer magnitude of the U.S. president's weakness.

"These notes from the interpreter are political dynamite for President Trump, and there's no way that he's going to release them. " Campbell said. "They may have already been shredded and burned in a barrel somewhere outside the Oval Office."

"On the one hand perhaps the president went in there and just completely capitulated, rolled over, didn't hold his feet to the fire," Campbell continued, explaining why the notes were so dangerous for Trump. "If that gets out there goes the tough guy narrative the president has tried to appeal to his base saying 'no one has been tougher on Russia than me.'"

"If the president did go in there and call Vladimir Putin out on the carpet, and hold his feet to the fire and say 'you will not interfere in our elections again', then we know the president is seen, at least in the eyes of the Russians as ineffectual and impotent, because we know the Russians interfered in the midterm elections" he added.

"There's no way the president looks good on this,"Campbell added, saying there was no reason for Americans to believe Trump's version of events because the president is a liar. "As long as there's not a transcript or there aren't notes, he controls the narrative, he can explain in his own view what happened there."

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