Fox & Friends smears Pelosi as a liar in desperate attempt to paint Trump as the winner of State of the Union fight
Fox & Friends hosts. (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump's favorite television show, "Fox & Friends," came out swinging hard Thursday morning, defending their Number One Viewer who in the real world lost the State of the Union battle he waged against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

President Trump had attempted to play a game of "chicken" with a lawmaker who in just a few short weeks into her second tenure as Speaker of the House had already demonstrated her mastery over the flailing American President.

Ultimately, in a series of desperate late-night tweets Trump caved, but only after Pelosi made clear he would not be allowed to enter the House of Representatives until he ended the shutdown of the federal government.


Steve Doocy praised the President, saying he "essentially baited" Speaker Pelosi. And then Doocy falsely accused her of lying – telling a "fib" – when she cited security concerns as a reason to not allow the SOTU until after the shutdown.

According to Fox News's Brian Kilmeade, what actually happened is the President made a "great move" by deciding "to keep some type of tradition and semblance of order" in the battle.

Doocy then suggested there might be a "Plan B," to hold the "State of the Border" in Arizona.

"That right  now I think is unclear," Doocy concluded, clearly telegraphing to the President he thinks he should do it. (In fact, it could have been Doocy's idea entirely.)