Fox News' Shep Smith explains why Trump’s foreign policy went down in flames at today’s Senate Intel hearing
Fox News host Shepard Smith. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, several top national security officials appointed by President Donald Trump testified in front of Congress.

Fox News host Shep Smith opened his show by discussing the ways in which their testimony proved a strong rebuke of Trump's own foreign policy.

According to FBI director Christopher Wray, the Russians have meddled in our elections and are "continuing to adapt their model" while "other countries are taking a very interested eye in that approach."

"Of course, intelligence agencies found that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election and 2018 midterms, using social media to try to manipulate voters," Smith said.

Smith then detailed how the day's testimony "directly contradicts President Trump's foreign policy."

"They say North Korea will likely not give up their nuclear arsenal. [National Intelligence director Dan] Coats say its leaders viewed nuclear weapons as critical to the North Korean regime's survival," Smith said. "Second, on Iran, the Islamic Republic is not currently undertaking the necessary steps to make a bomb."

Trump's claim that ISIS is defeated and that a border wall is needed to stop a "crisis" on the southern border were also undermined by Trump's own appointees, he said.

"Regarding the ongoing threat from the Islamic state, ISIS still commands thousands of fighters in Iraq and Syria and is active in Syria and has networks around the world. In short, ISIS is not defeated," he said. "And finally, nowhere in the 42-page threat assessment report is there an indication that a wall on the southern border would be helpful in any way and nothing to indicate a wall should be built to bolster national security or anything else."

Watch below.