Fox News’ Shep Smith stunned by Trump’s attempt to mischaracterize Pelosi’s national security trip
Fox News host Shepard Smith slams Donald Trump [Photo: Screenshot from video]

Fox News host Shep Smith was floored by President Donald Trump's decision to block a congressional delegation (CoDel) to Afghanistan as the Air Force bus was pulling away from the Capitol.

Trump visited the troops in the Middle East not long after the shutdown began. Republicans also had a codel that traveled for a briefing by military leaders on the ground. However, when it was time for Democrats to take their trip to Afghanistan, the president blocked it. Trump's publication of the letter disclosed classified information about the trip.

"I know it was a slip. The president earlier made it sound like this was just some sort of PR trip," Smith said. "They were going, the congressional delegation, to go to visit the troops and meet with allies. It's his characterization of this as a pleasure trip is that in any way accurate?"

It's unclear if the president views speaking to the troops as nothing more than public relations or a photo-op. However, Pelosi's spokesperson said that the purpose of the trip to was to garner "critical national security" information from commanders on the ground in Afghanistan.

Pelosi suggested that Trump put the State of the Union on hold until the government shutdown was settled. Trump's letter was seen as retaliation for Pelosi's suggestion. While Trump has yet to respond to Pelosi's State of the Union request, his campaign has already sent out fundraising emails about it.

Watch Smith's commentary below: