Fox panel spirals into chaos as Trump supporter repeatedly denies president has done anything wrong
Matt Schlapp, Jessica Tarlov -- Fox News screenshot

A panel discussion on Fox's "Outnumbered" grew heated on Friday afternoon as an avid supporter of President Donald Trump kept dismissing all the Russia allegations -- and the indictments of Trump officials -- as no proof of collusion.

In a frantic exchange between conservative activist Matt Schlapp and Fox News regular Jessica Tarlov, Schlapp tried to knock down her points about continuing revelations about the Trump 2016 presidential campaign by mockingly repeating, "No collusion, no collusion."

Addressing the bombshell BuzzFeed report Tarlov claimed, "So we wait to find out what the sources are. But free to sit there and say, 'No collusion, no collusion.' That has backfired."

"You think that's breaking the law? Oh, my gosh," Schlapp shot back.

"You're not actually taking what I'm saying to heart and to respond to it, you are out with euphemisms -- like Guiliani, 'No collusion!'" Tarlov parried.

"I want you to respond to the fact that when they do have a number of indictments they do have cooperating witnesses, Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen -- we've indicted 12 Russian trolls is that they were involved in this," Tarlov continued. "How can you sit there and say unilaterally, 'No collusion?'"

"Let me answer," Schlapp interrupted. "Because none of those people were convicted on anything having to do with inappropriate or illegal behavior."

"Really?" the stunned Fox News personality replied. "Donald Trump directing Michael Cohen to pay off women so it's not affecting the election? That's specifically what he does."

"That's not illegal," Schlapp asserted.

"It isn't? It's a campaign finance violation," the exasperated Tarlov shot back.

"It isn't, because no one has been indicted over it," Schlapp retorted leaving Tarlov speechless.

Watch the video below: