'Give him the works!': SNL's Michael Che reacts with glee to 'excessive' arrest of Roger Stone
SNL's Michael Che mocks Roger Stone on Saturday January 26, 2019/Screenshot

On Friday, Trump's oldest political adviser, Roger Stone, was arrested in a pre-dawn raid of his Florida home.

Saturday Night Live Michael Che gleefully recounted the development on Weekend Update.

"Finally! This is all I've been waiting for: Old white dudes getting dragged out of their cribs like drug dealers," Che said. "Was it excessive? Yes, and I wish it was worse. I wish he was just wearing boxers and a durag, and there was a baby crying and they tased his girl. Give him the works!"

Che then went on to discuss Stone's background.

"I googled this guy, Roger Stone, because he looks like he pays black guys to b*ng his wife," Che said. "And I found out in 1996 he was forced to resign from Bob Dole's campaign for asking black guys to b*ng his wife. Not kidding! Look it up!"

Watch below.