SNL's Mike Pence gets vaccinated -- and slapped by Kamala for questioning the election results

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" held their final show of 2020 with a special holiday edition.

During the show's cold open, Vice President Mike Pence prepared to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Pence said Trump called him a "human shield" for taking the vaccine.

The Vice President began to take off his pants and bend over -- with a towel in his mouth -- before the doctor informed him it wasn't that type of procedure.

Then Vice President-elect Kamala Harris showed up, because "she won more votes."

Harris slapped Pence across the face when he questioned the election outcome.

"You do not!" she commanded.

"I''m sorry," he replied. "Trump made me do it. He says I have to overturn the Electoral College or he'll make my Spotify playlist public."

Hilarity ensued as Joe Biden, and then Rudy Giuliani, joined the skit.


Pence Gets the Vaccine Cold Open - SNL