GOP strategist explains why Republicans will soon turn on Trump in wall fight
President Donald Trump. (Embajada de EEUU en la Argentina/Flickr)

President Donald Trump cannot win his standoff over the border wall because Democrats have no incentive to work with him on the unpopular proposal, Republican operative Shermichael Singleton said on MSNBC Saturday.

When Trump preemptively took responsibility for the shutdown, he made his bed, Singleton said.

"Every single legitimate poll that I've looked at has said that the American people do indeed blame Donald Trump and the Republican Party," he said.

Singleton said that as a Christian conservative he is offended by Trump's callous attitude toward people affected economically by his shutdown.

"That does not benefit anyone, particularly many of the people who voted for Donald Trump himself, so I'm not certain how long he can continue to hold out," he said. "Democrats have no mandate whatsoever to work with him at all on this."

Trump's own party will eventually turn on him, Singleton said.

"We are going to see more Republicans in the Senate say 'You know what, I have an election coming up, I cannot risk continuing to support this, we need to make a compromise and re-open the government," he said.

Watch below.