Here's how Trump's border wall shutdown is making at least one airport more unsafe
A TSA agent inspects luggage at an airport. Image via Shutterstock.

Donald Trump's weeks-long government shut down has led to a dangerous situation at a California airport as Transit Security Administration officials continue to call out sick en masse due to lack of payment.

CNN reported Tuesday that according to internal emails from the Palm Springs airport in Southern California, the mass call-outs have "adversely impacted security operations."

The emails CNN obtained show Martin Elam, the deputy federal security director for five California airports, warning employees that they may be punished for calling out.

"Due to excessive unscheduled absences recently experienced at PSP (Palm Springs International airport) that has adversely impacted security operations, if you have an unscheduled absence, you will NOT be placed in an intermittent furlough status," Elam wrote. "Your unauthorized unscheduled absence will be coded by payroll as absent without leave (AWOL). At the conclusion of the government shutdown, an employee's AWOL status may result in progressive disciplinary action."

The leaked emails appearing to corroborate CNN's reporting come after TSA, the Department of Homeland Security and Trump himself denying the veracity of the network's reporting.

Last week, CNN reported that TSA officials at major American airports were calling out sick in large numbers because they're being forced to work without pay during the government shutdown.

In response, Trump called the report "fake news" -- a jab the network pushed back against directly on Twitter.

You can watch CNN's Jake Tapper and Rene Marsh, one of the co-writers of the most recent TSA mass call-out report, below: