House Republicans scrambling to hire lawyers to fight off potential Trump impeachment: report
Donald Trump (Youtube)

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are reportedly scrambling to hire a lawyer with a long history of litigation experience in a bid to thwart potential impeachment hearings for President Donald Trump.

Axios's Mike Allen reports that a new job posting reveals that Republicans are seeking "an attorney with several years of investigative or litigation experience" -- and a source tells Allen that "'litigation experience' is at least partly in anticipation of the possibility of impeachment proceedings."

In the broader picture, Allen writes that the job posting is symbolic of how "Republicans on the Hill and in the White House are assuming a defensive crouch, with incoming House Democratic chairs vowing aggressive investigations."

Although incoming Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi has insisted that she is not eager to jump into impeachment hearings, many commentators -- ranging from former Bush political guru Karl Rove and MSNBC's Joe Scarborough to Watergate reporter Elizabeth Drew -- think some kind of move to remove Trump from office is more likely than not to occur.