Robert Mueller's team packed with ‘bribery experts’ to expose favors between Trump-Putin: report
American President Donald Trump and Russia President Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki summit. (Kremlin photo.)

The Russia investigation is closing in on President Donald Trump as news continues to unfold with findings from Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This scandal will be one that marks Trump's presidency, seeing as that the investigation has extended throughout his term so far.

Mueller did not pick people for his team by chance, according to VICE News Mueller hired bribery experts that work to investigate the favors given between Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

"One of Mueller's senior prosecutors, Andrew Weissmann, was the former chief of the DOJ’s Criminal Fraud division, where he decided anti-bribery policy at a very high level. Another member of his legal team, Greg Andres, oversaw the DOJ’s foreign bribery program," the report said.

“[Mueller] brought in expertise in the way these deals are arranged to look very innocuous,” David Montero, author of Kickback: Exposing the Global Corporate Bribery Network, said in an interview with VICE News. “The thing about bribery deals is they're always arranged to look very legitimate.”

For example, it was revealed that then-candidate Trump offered a penthouse room to Putin in exchange for a  Trump Tower in Moscow in 2015.

"So it wouldn’t be a surprise if Trump’s relationship with Russia was built around the exchange of favors, legal or not," the report said.