'Mueller has all the receipts': Rick Wilson warns that Trump world should be scared of Roger Stone's arrest
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

On Friday, President Donald Trump's political adviser and confidant Roger Stone was arrested. Stone has been indicted on seven felony charges in connection with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Republican strategist Rick Wilson wrote in the Daily Beast that Trump and his supporters should be fearful of what will happen next. It was reported that Stone could flip on Trump at any second to save himself.

"Sorry, Trump fans; one of your heroes is about to either die in prison or flip on your cult leader," Wilson wrote.

Wilson said that the charges connect Trump and his campaign to communication with Russia. He noted that Mueller has all of the "receipts."

"All of Trump world seems to forget that Mueller has all the receipts, phone records, emails, text messages, metadata, and financial records. Stone lied to the Special Counsel because he trusted WhatsApp, which is a grandpa mistake of the first order," he said.

Wilson added, "Stone lied in Congress because he believed that the House Republicans would sit on his transcript and he would never be held to account. Those lies met with the hard reality that elections have consequences."

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