Naval War College professor compares Trump's Twitter meltdown to a banana republic dictator desperately clinging to power
President Donald Trump (Shutterstock).

As Donald Trump manically tweeted attacks on the FBI, the New York Times, the "Amazon Washington Post" and continuing reports of "chaos' in the White House on Saturday morning, a professor at the Naval War College said the president is increasing sounding like a banana republic dictator under siege in his presidential palace.

With Trump cranking out multiple tweetstorms attacking the press and federal law enforcement, following a bombshell report in the New York Times that the FBI opened a secret investigation looking into whether he is a Kremlin agent, military expert Tom Nichols sat back and marveled at the meltdown.

Responding to Trump tweeting, "Lyin’ James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter S and his lover, agent Lisa Page, & more, all disgraced and/or fired and caught in the act. These are just some of the losers that tried to do a number on your President. Part of the Witch Hunt. Remember the “insurance policy?” This is it!" Nichols said it had a certain ring to it.

"This is the kind of speech you give in Spanish in the early 1950s into a tinny microphone with the crackle and static of a fading kerosene generator and the sound of shouting and gunfire in the background approaching the presidential palace," he tweeted.

Tufts University international relations professor Danial Drezner piled on by sharing a clip from Woody Allens' 1971 film "Bananas" about revolution.

You can see the tweets below: